Sunday, June 21, 2015

So You Wanna Be A Rap Superstar?

There is a preponderance of young black men here (the Kansas City metro) who come into my work with their computers, or seeking to purchase a computer, which they use for one purpose, and one purpose only: music production. It's like they all have the same idea/ambition to make it big in the music business.

I'm a firm believer in letting everyone live their lives as they see fit, but I can't help but be reminded of Larry Elder every time I encounter one of these young men (which is literally almost every day). I want to grab them by the shoulders and say something to the effect of:
"Look, you are almost 30/over 30 years old and living with your mom. It does not matter that your music software isn't working. The music business is almost impossibly hard, and only the barest few ever find enough success to live on. It's like becoming an astronaut or a Navy SEAL. 
Forget the music, save your money, and use this computer to help get your GED. From there, get a JOB and start learning some SKILLS. Heaven forbid, even go to the local community college or trade school, and learn something marketable that pays a living wage. I *promise* you, that path is about a million times more likely to yield real results for you than monkeying around with beats in your mom's basement. Trust me, you'll thank me someday."
But I'm sure that's just 'cynical' and 'racist'. Sigh.