Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Re Ferguson

I'm sure this benefits the family of the victim... somehow.
I am certainly no fan of the militarization of the police, and as a Reason magazine reader, I am all too aware of the abuses that happen at the hands of the police, and I think they ought to be mandated to have dash cams and wearable cams at all times on duty.

The incident that sparked the ongoing situation in Ferguson may or may not be an example of one such overstep. I don't know--that's what *investigation* is for. We have established this system precisely because history has long shown us that instant reaction and mob "justice" is lethal, both for individuals and for society.

I sure hope stealing this shit helps this oppressed youth
cope with his outrage over the actions of the police.
Just as there is a line between aggressive, effective enforcement and brutality, there is also a fine line between legitimate protest and chaos. Just because a citizen's dog barks at a cop, that doesn't give the cop the right to just shoot it. And just because you are angry at the police, even legitimately, does not give citizens the right to start rioting, looting, and burning shit down.

This ceased to be a protest when the "protesters" burned down a QuikTrip and put an 18 year old cashier in fear of her life. This is now a mob with blood in their eyes and frenzy in their hearts. They've stopped reasoning and surrendered to groupthink and a mob mentality that, as with all mobs, has taken on a life of its own.

I'm sure this disenfranchised youth is just
legitimately angry over police overreach.
I hope destroying this neighborhood business allows him to
properly express himself in a meaningful, constructive way.
Were this MY neighborhood, with MY family, MY property and MY neighbors--corporate and otherwise--in jeopardy from a mob looting stores and lighting off Molotov cocktails, I'd damn well want the cops to do more than just sit there while the crowd tears the place apart, and so would you.

Pictured: "protesting"

This Molotov cocktail will, no doubt, be an eloquent
statement about the authoritarian overreach of
militarized police forces. Or, you know, it'll just
set some shit on fire for kicks. Totally legit, right?