Friday, May 9, 2014

Clayton Lockett Doesn't Push My Pity Button

The last faces Stephanie Neiman saw
as she was buried alive.
Clayton Lockett is a piece of shit, and his "botched" execution doesn't push my pity button in the slightest. Squeamish people should avoid the next two paragraphs.

After Clayton Lockett, his brother, and another accomplice repeatedly beat, raped, and sodomized two teenage girls, Summer Hair and Stephanie Neiman, and forced them to perform oral sex, Lockett ordered his accomplice to dig a shallow grave. When Neiman (19), refused to swear not to report the attack, Lockett shot her with a shotgun. She wasn't dead. Lockett's shotgun had malfunctioned, so while she writhed and screamed in agony (as heard by another victim), she was BURIED ALIVE.

Clayton Lockett suffered? GOOD. Maybe, in those last moments he had a tiny, tiny inking of what it was like for Stephanie Neiman: the humiliation and throbbing pain in her head, vagina, and anus now drowned out by the agony of of her shotgun-eviscerated abdomen, as she lay gasping her last breaths while dirt was shoveled over her helpless body, crying and wondering why God had allowed this to happen to her.

This is an area where I part company with most of my libertarian fellow travelers--I believe that certain heinous crimes deserve the death penalty. These people are not going to be "rehabilitated," and need to be removed from our midst. That said, the system needs to be changed.

First, it has been correctly pointed out that it costs more to execute now than to house these pieces of shit for life. That's because our system allows convicts to jack off the system by tying up the courts for years with appeal after appeal after appeal while we warehouse them. This needs to stop. They should get a specified amount of time, say six months, for their attorneys to draft an appeal--ONE appeal. If they lose that, their execution is scheduled within one week. DONE.

Second, we need to stop playing around with fancy chemicals and go back to more tried and true methods like electrocution, the gas chamber, or hanging. The chemicals are for us, not for them--so we can feel like we're being "humane." Fuck that. If we are going to take responsibility into our hands for exacting justice in the form of capital punishment, we need to take responsibility for the suffering it entails.

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