Friday, December 20, 2013

What's good for the goose...

After a few vodka and cranberry juice cocktails, I had a thought about this whole Duck Dynasty flap:

Alec Baldwin got fired from MSNBC for yelling "cocksucking fag!" at a paparazzo photographer on the street who was trying to shove a camera in his face, and that of Baldwin's wife and son. He immediately apologized.

I didn't see legions of people screaming about his right to 'free speech' and denouncing MSNBC for firing him.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson made some less crude, but equally noxious, comments about homosexuality within the confines of a nice, pleasant interview, and he clearly stands by them. A&E suspended -- not fired -- him, and suddenly everyone is up in arms.

So, Alec Baldwin has an angry utterance on the street with someone clearly attempting to breach his privacy, and for which he immediately apologized and backpedaled, and not a word form conservative media about his 'free speech'; no comment except mockery. Phil Robertson makes derogatory comments about homosexuals that he clearly stands behind, even defends in the name of his religious belief, and to listen to conservative media, you'd think Robertson was Josef K in Kafka's "The Trial."

Look, I'm not defending Alec Baldwin. I disagree with pretty much every syllable that comes out of his mouth, and I think he is a first class dickhole. But fair is fair here, folks. If you're horribly aggrieved by Phil Robertson's treatment by A&E, but not bothered in the least by MSNBC's treatment of Alec Baldwin, then you need to shut your hypocritical pie hole.

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