Tuesday, August 28, 2012

U.S. Army Adds Insult to Injury in Afghanistan

The U.S. Army has issued a new pocket reference guide, "Inside the Wire Threats--Afghanistan Green on Blue," in response to the increasing occurrence of what the military euphemistically refers to as 'green-on-blue' attacks. That is to say, incidents wherein members of the Afghan "police force" currently being trained and equipped by U.S. soldiers turn their weapons on the very men and women who trained and trusted them.

This sickening piece of blame America first propaganda--which I fervently hope every American soldier in Afghanistan is using for latrine paper at this moment--advances the notion, in all apparent seriousness and credulity, that these deadly attacks can be avoided by "avoiding arrogance" and "respecting Islam." The obvious implication, of course, is that if this respectful, diminutive behavior can prevent these attacks, then something about our soldiers' current behavior must be causing the attacks. It is, in effect, our troops' own fault that they are being murdered at the hands of the people they are tasked with empowering.

Our soldiers are chided to avoid being shot in the back by the duplicitous, cowardly shitbags they are trying to help by "always demonstrating respect for “Islam, Koran or a mosque,” and  “avoid arrogance, i.e., belief that ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] culture is superior to Afghan culture.”

There are only two minor problems with this master plan: 1) Islam is a barbarous, backward death cult that deserves zero respect, and 2) our culture is superior to Afghan culture. When your culture forces women into head-to-toe cloth bags, throws acid in the faces of little girls who dare to learn to read, and thinks a solid child-rearing strategy is one that incorporates sawing off little girls' clitorises and sewing their vaginas shut, then you bet your ass that my culture is superior to yours--WAY superior.

It enrages me beyond belief that this politically correct horseshit has been allowed to ooze its way into the U.S. military. Not terribly surprising, though, considering that the 'blame America first' mentality starts right at the very top. 

Bad enough that the blood of our troops is being spilled in an endless, rudderless misadventure in the demented, backward, neanderthal moonscape that is Afghanistan. Worse still that their efforts are rewarded with betrayal and murder by an "ally" with no honor. But, on top of it all, to then be told, in effect, that it is their own fault? How much must our troops be forced to bear? Risking life and limb for our political will isn't enough? Must they now endure insult from their own chain of command as well?