Friday, May 18, 2012

Atlas Is Shrugging

Much ado has been made about Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renouncing his US citizenship ahead of the Facebook IPO, thus saving himself somewhere around a $67 million tax bite.
Since this broke, I've heard a lot of bitching that this makes Saverin a traitorous, disloyal ingrate, because he owes his success to America. But is turning over millions of dollars to a bloated, arrogant, wasteful government--who will turn around and piss it away on subsidies for failed 'green' technologies, endless wars (foreign and domestic), and huge bailouts for well-connected cronies--really synonymous with "giving back to America". I think not.
Paying taxes=being a "good American" is usually a liberal/leftist screed, but in this instance, I'm hearing plenty from conservatives as well.
Is paying taxes a moral duty?
Is Saverin's move an act of disloyalty, or of civil disobedience?
I seem to have the minority (read: libertarian) opinion on this, but there is one writer who is in my corner, and expresses these views far better than I have time to do. I encourage you to read these articles, and decide for yourself, is Saverin a traitorous ingrate, or is he just the shoulder of Atlas shrugging?

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