Monday, August 29, 2011

Love From Belarus

I don't usually find spam emails the kind of fare worthy of sharing, but I found this one pretty amusing. It's so ham-fisted that it's kind of cute. Enjoy.

Hello and how is your mood today?
My mood today remarkable as I can write you the letter. And to tell to you that already we are familiar with you through a site of acquaintances. But and did not write each other anybody the letter through e-mail. I think that you still want it and we can continue dialogue? I think that you will not be upset from it.
I have only your e-mail address and now I wish to ask you the important things. Probably already you have found to yourself the girl and any more do not wish to talk to anybody more? Then you simply tell to me it and I will not answer you more.
I think that if you're still in search of a girl of your life, then we can try dating, right?
I wish to tell very important to you. I would never have sent any naked fotos of my body on the Internet - it would be a humiliation. I immediately lost all interest to that men. And never wrote you again. And I ask you do not ask from me it. Then our dialogue will be better. I want will find to myself the man which to appreciate me in the first very much and to respect.
I also do not like to talk a lot about myself now. But I want to say that I'm very versatile girl and take care about myself always. I like sports and have some other hobbies.
I am 31 y.o. and I live in Belarus Republic alone and I do not have kids and any kind of relations. My country shares borders with such countries like Poland, Lithuania, Well I stop now. Because I even do not know whether you want it? If you have a wife or girlfriend, then I apologise for this letter. Just do not reply this. But if you're really looking for a serious relationship and never want to play games online. Then I would be happy to continue. I hope you will like it and I'm sirious woman.
I am sending you my photo and a warm hugs from Belarus.
Hoping to get an answer from you soon, and your photos please?
Wiola here!!


Dear Wiola,

Your emails of the spamming would be the convince much more. If you did talking of the English with betterness. If your real picture I would be 'sirious' for making banging on you. But. please be making no talk with humping process. Much thanking.



(P.S. - This came to me from this address: Wiola ( . Feel free to take her/him up on the offer if you like. :-) )