Monday, December 13, 2010

3 Videos Essential to Undertanding our System & Current Problems

This first video (actually in 4 parts, so just keep clicking subsequent links; you may have to click the "YouTube" icon on the video to actually watch it ON YouTube to see the rest) is a "critique" (more like the utter obliteration) of another video called "The Story of Stuff." "The Story of Stuff" is a leftist propaganda video about the American economic system which, infuriatingly, is being shown to kids in some schools. It's the typical leftist rant: our way of life is poisoning the planet, screwing the people of the world, and we should all feel guilty, guilty, GUILTY! This video takes "The Story of Stuff" and dismantles it, piece by piece, as the sickening bundle of misinformation, half-truths & outright propagandist lies that it is. I tell you, if I had a kid in school & found out they were showing this trash, I'd be 'recycling' my boots as suppositories up some teachers' & administrators' asses.

The second video series (in 5 parts, follow the links) is a 1979 episode of "Donohue," where renowned, Nobel-Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman explains to Phil Donohue about why the capitalist system works, why government growth & intervention is bad, and other economic & political truths that everyone should damn well know in the sixth grade, but they clearly don't. It is as relevant this minute as it was in 1979. The parallels are such (even discussing a government bailout of Chrysler!) that this interview could have been recorded today. As a bonus, Friedman makes Donohue look every bit like the ignorant, loudmouth, brainwashed leftist dipshit that he is.

I close with the great JFK, in a video that contrasts his position with that of Obama (in their own words) on the merits of lowering taxes across the board to spur the economy. Clearly, the Democrats of yesteryear are a different breed from the all-out Socialist shills of today.

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