Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay, so I missed the monthly weight loss blog by a few days. They say an elephant never forgets, but I'm looking less and less like an elephant every day, so yeah, I got sidetracked. So sue me. My blog is worth every penny you're paying for it!

I've been testing my boundaries this month with new foods, and when a food doesn't agree with me, those boundaries are marked in vomit. One thing I can say for this surgery: there is little margin for ambiguity. If you put the wrong thing in your body, it comes back out--the same way it came in. I used to think I could never be bulemic, but this month I've felt like one. It is very effective as a deterrent, though. Nothing makes a formerly favorite food less appealing than tasting it come back up. I hope you're not reading this while eating.

Of course, this has continued to be very effective in the way it was intended. This month's weigh in: 303 pounds. Aside from my socks and the sweats that I exercise in, I hardly have an article of clothing that fits anymore. As problems go, it's a wondeful one to have.

Not so wonderful: I lost my Kaiser health benefits at the end of January. My company switched to another carrier, so I really lucked out getting my surgery in under the wire. Any doctor familiar with the surgery should be able to do my followups (just some routine blood tests at certain intervals to watch for deficiencies), but damn, I sure will miss Kaiser.

Anyway, I will continue to experiment, feel out my boundaries, make adjustments, and hopefully, of course, lose weight. Thanks again to my friends, family, and awesome Twitter pals for all your well wishes and continued encouragment! Until next month...

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